Energy Mat Alliance Protects the Environment While Providing Safe Access to Your Jobsite

R-O-W Access Civil & Site Work

  • Install stabilized drive entries temporary and permanent.
  • Install new and stabilize existing roadway using aggregate materials (native and processed) that are best suited for the work and site.
  • Grading, excavating and trenching for staging yards, sub stations, compressor and valve stations, counter poise and grounding work.
  • Install temporary and semi-permanent mat bridging.
  • Provide and install temporary and permanent gates and fencing.
  • Provide on-the-job maintenance including sweeping, snow removal, sanding and salt spreading.
  • Utilize best in class operators, equipment and materials.

Matting Services

The Alliance team has experience in all things mats and matting, small and large. We deliver the planning and execution to keep our client crews and equipment working & moving, including:

  • Installation, relocation and removal.
  • Mat cleaning, loading, hauling and stacking of all types of mats.
  • Coordinated on-time delivery systems include rail, barge, flatbed, self-loaders, forwarders, excavators and more.
  • Provide end of project solutions including mat sorting, grading, handling, stacking, loading and disposal.

Erosion Control & SWPPP

  • Complete installation and maintenance of all SWPPP and site-specific erosion control materials and practices.
  • Deliver proper quantity, placement, installation, connection, compaction, and staking of straw wattles, straw bales, silt fence, safety/storm fence and delineators using native & composite materials, including: processed & natural stone, culverts, water bars, check dams, rip-rap, geo-fabric, filter socks, mulch blankets, filter strips, cleaning stations, and the full range of erosion control and stabilization methods.

R-O-W & Site Restoration (temporary/permanent)

  • Successful restoration that is accepted and signed off by the client on time according to the work schedule is what we deliver!
  • Often the environmental contractor is the first and last one on the project and can impact the ultimate image and outcome of the project. Not to mention final payment.
  • We achieve our project stabilization and restoration goals by getting out ahead early in the project and working with the client inspection team or 3rd party monitor to show knowledge and delivery of the daily SWPPP and stabilization work, which in turn builds the necessary confidence with the client inspector that the SWPPP including stabilization and restoration activities are being performed properly & professionally.


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